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London Aerial Virtual Tour by Tom Mills

October 22, 2009

Panodigg is a cool place to find great new VR tours. I just found Tom Mills ( last creation, an extensive aerial panoramic coverage of London.

Tom says he was inspired by the fantastic photography of Oleg Gaponyuk and design by Pixelcase, from the New York virtual tour.




Another PanoBaby: Jeffrey Martins son Benjamin

October 20, 2009

This pano is from 2008, when Benjamin Martin was born. I just discovered it now, and thought to add it to the PanoBaby collection. All the best for your life, be it long and rewarding dear Benjamin. 😉

Benjamin Martin

Benjamin Martin

Fly Geyser Black Rock Desert Nevada by Howard Goldbaum

October 13, 2009

Located on a gated parcel of private property within the million-acre Black Rock Desert, Fly Geyser is not a natural phenomenon. It was created accidentally in 1964 from a geothermal test well inadequately capped. The scalding water has erupted from the well since then, leaving calcium carbonate deposits growing at the rate of several inches per year. The brilliant red and green coloring on the mounds is from thermophilic algae thriving in the extreme micro-climate of the geysers.

 Fly Geyser

Fly Geyser

Panorama found on Howard Goldbaum’s site
He is a professor at the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, teaching multimedia courses where students create “sense of place media,” with the goal of creating digital verisimilitude.

Tristan Shu is back with an amazing aerial VR Panorama

October 12, 2009

After a long break, pioneer of extreme VR photography Tristan Shu is back with an amazing panorama. We featured his panoramas in VRMag several times in the past, and are really happy to see him in activity again. Don’t miss to check out his website.
You might want to check the Panogoogle search results For Tristan Shu here.

Tristan Shu parapente

Tristan Shu parapente

The Sky of Earth: One thousand billion worlds

October 2, 2009

One of the most incredible panos I ever saw. Imagine when you go on top of a skyscraper and shoot a pano, and then delete the skyscraper from the pano. Serge Brunier did this deleting the whole planet achieving the full view of the sky around earth, brilliant!

One thousand billion worlds

One thousand billion worlds

Some infos from his site:  This is the sky of the Earth. The vault of heaven, which in reality envelops us in a dark velvet sphere spotted with stars, is seen here projected onto a plane.

This improbable 360-degree panoramic image, covering the whole of the vault of heaven, embodies thus the cosmic landscape in which our small blue planet is immersed.
A landscape that unfolds progressively, one season at a time, while our planet follows its perpetual course around the Sun. This image was created in the framework of the International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009), with crucial help from the European Southern Observatory (ESO).
The images were collected from two exceptional astronomical sites, the Atacama Desert in the southern hemisphere and the Caldeira de Taburiente in the Canary Islands in the northern hemisphere.
It is the sky that everyone can relate to that I wanted to show — its constellations, its thousands year old stars, whose names have nourished all childhoods, its myths and stories of gods, titans, and heroes shared by all civilisations since Homo became sapiens. The image was therefore made as man sees it, with a regular digital camera.

News from Panodigg: new design and external vote button

February 6, 2009

As consequence of the good acceptance of the VR community, at Panodigg we thought we had to do things better, in order to improve the experience. That’s why we used another, more evolved template and made some customizations to it. We also changed the logo in what we think is more appropriate.


The last added feature is the EVB External Vote Button, which allows voting from the external site where the story link points to, or even if the button is on a completely different page then the story link is pointing to. A special code is also available for WordPress users.


You can see an example of the use of the EVB here:  (please scroll until you see the vote button)


all the best
your Panodigg team

Get inside a Halloween Pumpkin

October 23, 2008

Thanks to Bernd Dohrmann you can experience the inside of a Halloween pumpkin, with spooky sound.

Three weeks before Halloween, Bernd’s son rushed to his dad asking for a huge pumpkin to place in front of the door. Bernd found a 37 kg one, at a farm not far away from where he lives. When he and his son had to decide about the grimace, they could not find a compromise and – for that reason – they carved three different ones. ….. in the VRMag article you can see more making of images and experience the interactive virtual reality panorama.

Honda F1 exploded in 3200 individual parts

May 30, 2008

Ever wondered what the inside of a Formula One car looks like? The Dutch artist and car obsessive Paul Veroude did. So he dismantled one. Then British photographer David Spencer came along and shot a fullscreen panorama of it, below.

The Honda Racing F1 car is made up of 3,200 individual parts. Housed in a large glass room and spread over an area approximately four times the footprint of the car when whole, the deconstructed car was viewable to only a handful of people at a time and allowed race fans to get closer than ever before to the engineering secrets behind the state-of-the-art technology.

Veroude’s magical exhibit was the result of painstaking effort and an incredible attention to detail. In his ‘exploded technical diagram’ come to life, each of the 3200 components of the Formula 1 car is painstakingly taken apart and then suspended from wires, right down to the smallest screw.

In VRMag’s article you can see the incredible panorama and learn more about the artists.

Aerial Panorama at 800 feet above Miami, FL USA

May 29, 2008

Ron Pepper shot this amazing aerial panorama in Miami:

“While every picture is automatically an image of the past, this commission was about photographing the future. The idea was to showcase the future view from the penthouse of a condominium that would be built in sunny Miami Florida. So I had the opportunity to capture 360 degree views of a non-existent building while hanging off the side of a steady dual engine helicopter at 800 feet”.

Read more about and view the panorama in VRMag’s article.

Get inside the Cockpit of an Avro Vulcan B.2 XL360

May 29, 2008

Ian Kerr shot a panorama inside the cockpit of an Avro Vulcan B.2 XL360 at the Midland Air Museum in Coventry, England. It was once England’s Detroit, with numerous manufacturers building their marques in the vicinity; Jaguar, Rover, Triumph, Chrysler, Peugeot, Alvis, Daimler, Hillman, Rootes, Humber, Morris, Maudslay, Armstrong Siddeley, Standard, Lea Francis, Calcott, White & Poppe and so on and so on. Sadly all the major players have removed their manufacturing from the city. During WWII Coventry also produced military aircraft.

Avro vulcan cockpit

“The access I was granted is available to any visitor to this museum; perhaps it is unique in that everyone is encouraged to take the guided tour up the steel ladder into the aircraft, one and all is given the privilege of a hands-on look inside this and other aircraft; in fact I had to compete for space with a stream of patient visitors. Midland Air Museum is an interactive museum expertly run by dedicated enthusiasts – not to be missed”.

Read on VRMag the whole story of this shooting and experience the interactive panorama.