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Get inside a Halloween Pumpkin

October 23, 2008

Thanks to Bernd Dohrmann you can experience the inside of a Halloween pumpkin, with spooky sound.

Three weeks before Halloween, Bernd’s son rushed to his dad asking for a huge pumpkin to place in front of the door. Bernd found a 37 kg one, at a farm not far away from where he lives. When he and his son had to decide about the grimace, they could not find a compromise and – for that reason – they carved three different ones. ….. in the VRMag article you can see more making of images and experience the interactive virtual reality panorama.


Get inside the Cockpit of an Avro Vulcan B.2 XL360

May 29, 2008

Ian Kerr shot a panorama inside the cockpit of an Avro Vulcan B.2 XL360 at the Midland Air Museum in Coventry, England. It was once England’s Detroit, with numerous manufacturers building their marques in the vicinity; Jaguar, Rover, Triumph, Chrysler, Peugeot, Alvis, Daimler, Hillman, Rootes, Humber, Morris, Maudslay, Armstrong Siddeley, Standard, Lea Francis, Calcott, White & Poppe and so on and so on. Sadly all the major players have removed their manufacturing from the city. During WWII Coventry also produced military aircraft.

Avro vulcan cockpit

“The access I was granted is available to any visitor to this museum; perhaps it is unique in that everyone is encouraged to take the guided tour up the steel ladder into the aircraft, one and all is given the privilege of a hands-on look inside this and other aircraft; in fact I had to compete for space with a stream of patient visitors. Midland Air Museum is an interactive museum expertly run by dedicated enthusiasts – not to be missed”.

Read on VRMag the whole story of this shooting and experience the interactive panorama.

Get inside Dr. Riley’s mouth – a panoramic experience

May 19, 2008

During a routine visit to his dentist, John had a panoramic X-ray for the first time. Watching the X-ray machine rotating about his head, John’s first thought was: “I bet I can make this into a cool QuickTime VR!” It wasn’t too hard to convince his dentist, Dr. Joe Lever, to give him a copy of the film.

inside reley\'s mouth

After scanning it into his computer and doing some minor retouching, John thinks he came up with a unique viewpoint, where it seems you are inside his mouth, looking outwards with X-ray vision.

Click here to sit on his tongue and watch his teeth.


December 6, 2007

Text: Danica Gianola
Photo: Markus Kruger

Markus Krueger from was toying with the idea of understanding what happened in front of Hermann’s eyes that day, when he came up with the project to take panoramic pictures inside the monument. But his project did not end there: he decided to literally…square the circle, by creating a tri-dimensional environment, mapping the panoramic images on the six sides of a cube of 5 x 5 x 6 meters.

Please click here to view the full VRMAG article SQUARING THE HEAD OF HERMANN with interactive panoramas.


December 5, 2007

Text: Michelle Bienias
Photo: Thomas Mottl

Extreme VR shot inside a water bottle, by photographer Thomas Mottl.

Please click here to view the full VRMAG article LIFE INSIDE A WATER BOTTLE with interactive panoramas.


December 5, 2007

Text: Marco Trezzini
Photo: Robert Serra

On a rainy afternoon in September he was shooting a panorama within a cat litter box and when he looked through the viewfinder to check the perspective, he saw the washing machine standing behind the litter box.
Eureka! it immediately came into his mind that the long planned panorama inside the washing mashine would have to be the next thing to do in the afternoon.

Please click here to view the full VRMAG article STEP INSIDE A WASHING MACHINE with interactive panoramas.


October 25, 2007


Text: Michelle Bienias
Photo: Michel Thoby

Step inside photographer Michel Thoby’s Fridge.

Please click here to view the full VRMAG article WHAT’S IN YOUR FRIDGE? with interactive panoramas