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Kiziliburun: Shipwreck Panoramas 150 Feet Underwater

November 10, 2009

Excerpt from Drew Fulton’s post on PanotoolsNG list:
“I spent last summer working as a photographer on an archaeological excavation of a 1st Century BC, Roman shipwreck off the coast of Turkey.

Picture 5

My main focus was creating spherical panoramas of the site, 150′ underwater. It proved extremely challenging as the camera I was supposed to use (owned by the excavation) never worked during my entire stay. Eventually, I got my hands on a D200 with 10.5 fisheye in a Sea&Sea housing that worked for my last two weeks. I built a homemade pano head and did a couple hand held. Dealing with the low light and extreme light fall off as well as the high amount of setiment in the water column from the excavation was a bit of a nightmare. A absolute limit of 20 minutes on the bottom for each dive didn’t help either. I just posted a bit of information about the excavation as well as four of the panoramas on my blog. Be sure to check it out. I would make some major changes to the setup if I was going to do it again but since I was working at such a remote field site in Turkey, I just didn’t have many options and had to deal with what I had available”


London Aerial Virtual Tour by Tom Mills

October 22, 2009

Panodigg is a cool place to find great new VR tours. I just found Tom Mills ( last creation, an extensive aerial panoramic coverage of London.

Tom says he was inspired by the fantastic photography of Oleg Gaponyuk and design by Pixelcase, from the New York virtual tour.



Historic Route 66 Panoramas

October 20, 2009
Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66

Enjoy a beautiful series of panoramas shot by Assaf during his trip on the Historic Route 66.
You can read about his trip and much more, on his blog Vuoto Siderale.

Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66

Victoria Bush Fire Appeal Prints

February 12, 2009

I just got a mail from Aaron Spence, and publish it here to help get the word out: “G’day Everyone, We’ve been deeply moved by the tragedy of the Victorian Bushfires. Wanting to do something, but being 2,000km away and with my funds invested in Panedia, I decided to create a site to sell large high quality prints, with all profits going to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.


Please pass this link around to the people you know. My goal is not to divert funds already set aside for donation, but to sell to people who have already donated, or weren’t planning to, particularly from outside Australia. We’ve priced the prints at 1/2 what we normally sell them for, so they’re accessible to most. Thanks, Aaron Spence of”

News from Panodigg: new design and external vote button

February 6, 2009

As consequence of the good acceptance of the VR community, at Panodigg we thought we had to do things better, in order to improve the experience. That’s why we used another, more evolved template and made some customizations to it. We also changed the logo in what we think is more appropriate.


The last added feature is the EVB External Vote Button, which allows voting from the external site where the story link points to, or even if the button is on a completely different page then the story link is pointing to. A special code is also available for WordPress users.


You can see an example of the use of the EVB here:  (please scroll until you see the vote button)


all the best
your Panodigg team

Ideum MT2 Multitouch Table beats Microsoft Surface in size & resolution

February 5, 2009

Exhibit and media design firm Ideum have cocked a snook at Microsoft with the launch of their MT2 Table, a multitouch-table which, at 50-inches running at 1280 x 720, is both larger and higher resolution than Microsoft’s Surface. The MT2 Table, which can respond to multiple points of contact across the display and recognize gestures, is intended for museum use, and as such has an aircraft-grade aluminum frame and thick tempered glass top. Underneath there’s a 2100 ANSI projector with a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

via Slashgear


Press Release:

Ideum Releases Ruggedized High-Resolution Multi-touch Table For Museums

CORRALES, New Mexico (February 4, 2009) Ideum, an exhibit and media design firm, has announced the release of the first ruggedized multi-touch, multi-user table built specifically for museums.

The MT Table supports multi-touch and multi-user interactions. It has a bright 50″ (diagonal) surface with a high-resolution (1280 x 720) display which is higher than Microsoft’s Surface multi-touch table. The large display also makes it easier to facilitate multiple simultaneous visitors interacting with computer programs through the use of multi-touch gestures. Visitors can use hand gestures to manipulate images or media or to interact with computer-based programs.

“We’ve been working with museums for a decade and we wanted to create a platform where visitors could interact with museum content, programs and one another in new and meaningful ways,” said Jim Spadaccini, Director of Ideum. “The intuitive nature of multi-touch interaction, the large surface and low table height: all of these factors contribute to the visitors experience. The table is both a physical and social platform, it does what the traditional computer kiosk cannot do.”

The table, which stands 31″ tall with heavy duty locking casters, is wheel-chair accessible and meets standard ADA requirements for height; an important consideration for museums. The table is automated and can safely shut itself down when the museum closes for the day.

The MT is also incredibly durable with a frame built of aircraft-grade aluminum and a surface of thick, tempered glass. All of the components of the MT Table are industrial grade and built to withstand the demands of busy museums, including hands-on science centers.

Ideum has partnered with Natural User Interface (NUI), a Swedish technology company specializing in multi-touch solutions to provide the base software package. Each table comes with NUI’s Snowflake Software a fast and reliable gesture recognition multi-touch software package. This software allows developers to create their own applications with Flash, C/C++/C#, Java, Python, and other programming languages.

Snowflake also comes with a set of basic applications: Viewer (media viewer with support for image and video media types), Draw (basic drawing application), 3D model viewer (.3ds and .obj file format support) and others. The MT table also includes TouchEarth (Google Earth with a multitouch interface).

Ideum is currently developing custom software for The Don Harrington Discovery Center in Amarillo, Texas and Vulcan Park and Museum in Birmingham, Alabama. These museums will have the first two tables, with installations scheduled for March. The installation for Vulcan Park and Museum will include two multi-touch kiosks making it one of the first permanent exhibits in the world to use multi-touch technology throughout the gallery space.

Ideum develops computer-based exhibits and installations for museums across North America. Since the firm was founded in 1999, it has worked on over 70 projects that have explored a variety of science, history, art, and cultural topics. Ideum-developed exhibits and Websites have won numerous awards over the years including; the American Association of Museums’ MUSE Awards, the Webby Awards, the Pirelli International Multimedia Awards, the Museums and the Web Conference “Best of the Web,” and other industry awards. To learn more, visit:

Munich’s Olympia Park in June 2008

July 24, 2008

Built to host 1972 Olympic Games, the Olympia Park was designed with some principles on mind: the Park had to represent either a green option or a positive attitude toward technology. The elements found perfect integration in Günter Behnisch and Günter Grzimek’s masterplans and should have furtherly blended into the positive attitude of the games.

In VRMag’s article you can see the incredible panorama and learn more about the artist: Willy Kaemena., the ultimate VR pages check

July 2, 2008

Dalileis writes:

“Just wanted to give you tips and point you in the direction of this
multipurpose timesaver:

Remember the address, because if you are a VR photographer who wants
to know how your beautiful VRs look on different OS platforms and
various versions of any imaginable browser available then you will be
using this one quite often. I do and I think it´s worth its kilobytes
in gold.”


May 4, 2008

The city of Rome’s newly elected right-wing mayor has caused waves by vowing to rip down a controversial museum created by a US architect.
Gianni Alemanno said the Ara Pacis Museum, which encases a 2,000-year-old sacrificial altar, “will be removed”.

View a Virtual Tour of the Ara Pacis Museum:

Please click here to view the full VRMAG article VALENTINO AT RICHARD MEIER’S ARA PACIS MUSEUM IN ROME with interactive panoramas.