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The Falkirk Wheel in Scotland

August 6, 2008

Linking the Forth and Clyde Canal to the Union Canal, the Falkirk Wheel is the most modern structure used to connect basins all around the world. So said, if you’re barging in Scotland, forget the time needed to the water to move from dam to dam, waiting for enclosures to refill. 24 metres high (79 ft), the Wheel does everything by itself, replacing something as 11 locks in a single shot.

Designed by Nicoll Russell Studios and engineers Binnie Black and Veatch, the Wheel has been built by Butterley Engineering. Together, they did something unique: the only rotating boat lift of its kind, the Falkirk Wheel – in fact – doesn’t only connect Glasgow to Edinburgh, it even revives for recreational purposes, a water route which had fallen into disuse and it is considered today among the tourist attractions in Scotland. “The Falkirk Wheel Experience” offers roundtrip excursion.

Bill Ward took outstanding panoramic images of the Wheel, to view them and discover more about the Falkirk Wheel and Bill Ward go to the VRMag article.


Tahiti & French Polynesia

August 6, 2008

The Polynesian islands were inhabited since AD 300 (let’s say it straight: somebody understood the meaning of the word “location”) and did not share a common story until they fell under French Protectorate in 1889. What is sure, is that they were visited by several explorers such as Ferdinand Magellan, Jacob Roggeveen, Samuel Wallis, Louis Antoine de Bougainville and James Cook, who fell all in love for the places.

34 years old, living in Tahiti (lucky you, Greg!), Gregory Panayotou wants everybody green with envy, when watching where he lives since 2005. Seriously, after two endless months of rains (with a Summer that began something as five days ago), you should have seen my face, while opening the panoramic images hosted in his blog,

Beautiful panoramas and more infos about Tahiti & French Polynesia and Gregory can be found in VRMag’s article.

Gisele Bündchen at Rio Fashion Week

August 5, 2008

Ayrton Camargo and Andréa Simões photographed Gisele Bündchen for “Jornal do Brazil”. Since the team is highly appreciated by the former newspaper’s digital editor Cristina de Luca, it was given carte blanche to approach the Fashion Rio Week and Collcci fashion shows. Since Gisele Bündchen is the Brazilian version of the American dream, and every Brazilianis in love with her, and every girl dreams about a similar path to glory, Ayrton and Andréa came up with the idea of transposing the dream in a VR.

To create it, Ayrton shot something as 250 pictures of Gisele Bündchen on her three appearances on stage, meanwhile being careful to keep the camera at the same exact point. The best ones were later mounted on the bubble during the night, in a frightening Photoshop and stitching work, to which Andréa added all the sounds.

Read more about Gisele, Ayrton, and the details about this incredible shooting. In the VRMag article you can view 3 interactive panoramas of Gisele Bündchen at Rio Fashion Week.

Panoramic Photo Book of Beijing China

August 5, 2008

Tamas Varga is a restless soul, always busy with projects which enter into his mind and come out as a finished product, where aesthetic crosses VR photography.
One of those project has to do with panoramic photo albums in book’s formats. The business started within his city, Budapest and thereafter moved to Beijing. In both places, Tamas was able to capture great atmospheres, which take into consideration the soul of a place. Typical and at the same time unique spectacles are the leading thread of his images, which are accompanied by texts in English and Chinese.

Read more about this project and view beautiful interactive panoramas in VRMag’s article.

VRMag Issue 31 is now online

July 23, 2008

Adventurous as ever, the new VRMAG issue takes you from Swedish deepest mines by Jonas Carlson, to the steepest walls of Pyrenées – by extreme photographer Juan – , passing through exciting places such as Polynesia atolls; some of New York lesser known places – courtesy of Sam Rohn – and German street artists’ walhalla, “bubblefied” by Virtugraf MIchael Hundrieser and Rio Fashion Week, where the beauty of top model Gisele Bünchen was frozen into Ayrton and Andréa Camargo panos.

Olympic Games are approaching and – for that reason – we invite you to the discovery of Beijing by Tamas Varga and to previous Olympic Villages by our unfatigable train traveller Willy Kaemena, meanwhile exploring PanAmerican Games by Ayrton and Andréa Camargo and UEFA EURO 2008, shot by Werner Weber.

Follow Dirk Kik in his search for megaliths, and Zbooy in his dwelling in the military cemeteries of Cracow. Otherwise, turn Vrmag’s pages to find yourself in Scotland where – in the panos taken by Bill Ward and Will Pearson – you’ll have the chance to admire the tributes to Tommy Burns, the Falkirk Wheel and Cullen Pet Cemetery.

Bubbles are becoming everyday more important in the world of design: to understand it, just jump to the articles about the curious Panobrella and the Panolampe, but do not forget to discover the plusses of a Multimedia Postcard too.

Oxygen plays an important role in the mechanisms of our memory, after having read about it, you could be tempted to try solving one of the several platonic solid enigmas, frozen in Vladimir Popov’s panoramic images. Dwell carefully from a place to another, since Marco Luethi shows you the dangers of falling cameras.

With PangeaVR panoramic images can finally be seen on every iPhone G3. We invite you to the discovery of the application and, for the industry side, we advise you to read about World’s Panoramic Stock. John Houghton teaches to beginners the secrets of stitching with PTGui and Andrew Magill shows anybody how it is possible to paint in 360° with his Orientation aware camera.

In the guest artist you will find the same outstanding photographers you met in issue 30: the duo Wright & George, Dennis Martin, Will Pearson and Timothée Eisenegger. We thought that they did not receive enough attention in the last number of VRMAG, because of its Mach 5…speed.

You’ll find this and much more in VRMAG issue 31: as always – from A to Z we covered the world: let be tempted and chose from the menu where you want to spend the holidays, by exploring them from your…sofa first.

You’re just a click away from enjoying the new VRMAG issue!

Your VRMag team