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New interview with Digital Domain’s master of technology Kim Libreri about Speed Racer

May 21, 2008

Digital Domain was the lead visual effects house on Speed Racer. In the following interview with Kim Libreri, DG’s master of technology you will discover more about his long term collaboration with John Gaeta, the conception and development of the techniques and tools required to create Speed Racer as well as the history of pan and tile panorama techniques since Mission Impossible.

This article is part of VRMag’s Speed Racer coverage.


As the world revolves, Timothée Eisenegger takes you on a…newsworthy trip!

May 19, 2008

Meanwhile explaining his past and current projects, Timothée Eisenegger talks about the potential hidden within VRs.

Rationality and emotion blended together are the ingredients which compose any shot taken by Timothée. Not only he’s always looking for the perfect spot from which a VR could be taken. He’s even looking for new ways to use the technology, in what he has identified as a democratization process, in the adaptation of VR to yet unexplored fields…

Dominican Republic panorama

While reading this interview, enjoy the panoramic images taken in several places: Savour the Venetian atmosphere; relax on a deserted beach and let yourself be thrilled by Timothée’s abilities…

Tim is guest artist in the latest issue of VRMag.

Get inside Dr. Riley’s mouth – a panoramic experience

May 19, 2008

During a routine visit to his dentist, John had a panoramic X-ray for the first time. Watching the X-ray machine rotating about his head, John’s first thought was: “I bet I can make this into a cool QuickTime VR!” It wasn’t too hard to convince his dentist, Dr. Joe Lever, to give him a copy of the film.

inside reley\'s mouth

After scanning it into his computer and doing some minor retouching, John thinks he came up with a unique viewpoint, where it seems you are inside his mouth, looking outwards with X-ray vision.

Click here to sit on his tongue and watch his teeth.

Discover the Roubaix Pool

May 19, 2008

Redefining the use of public buildings with a philosophy in mind: what is beautiful has to become impressive.


Ignoring the history of the place, one could think that Roubaix was erected to be a museum. The truth – actually – it’s quite different and the place once upon a time was a swimming pool. So said, it is for sure strange to think to visit a museum within the walls of what once was a swimming pool…Isn’t it?

If you’re ready to discover Geoffrey Morelle’s wonderful panorama click here.

Hawaii underwater VR experience by Aloha Dean

May 19, 2008

Didn’t we previously say that Dean Karamehmedovic knows the right places to go while in Hawaii?
Well, we were not kidding. Once again he is ready to offer our readers treasured places to visit and…guess what? they are under water!

If you are an enthusiastic diver, Aloha Dean knows the best places where you can spend your time underwater, discovering hidden Hawaiian treasures.
It’s by his words that one can better understand the appeal of the places…

Corsair Airplane

“What a great wreck! It is the only wreck that was not intentionally sunk as an artificial reef. The Corsair was ditched by its pilot during WWII as it ran out of fuel…The pilot safely got to shore and it is said to be alive and well and living on Molokai. The Corsair sits upright and intact at 107 feet down…

Ready for an underwater VR experience ? click here.

Tito Dupret about his World Heritage Tour

May 15, 2008

Five years have passed since Tito Dupret first announced his willingness to preserve the World Heritage Sites in 360°. Time has come to discover his shootings and whereabouts…
Four years ago, Tito Dupret’s portfolio covered the 8% out of the total of the World Heritage sites. Today, with 226 panographies available and 72 on postproduction, the 25% of the places is available on

Tito and Bijuan at everest base camp

Tito has been unfatiguable, traveling the world up and down, from Israel to Tanzania, from Uganda to Kenya, passing by Lebanon, Oman and Ethiopia, to name just a few.

You can read VRMag’s exclusive interview with Tito Dupret here.

The Eye of Nagaur, a pioneering interactive digital multimedia installation

May 15, 2008

The Eye of Nagaur is a pioneering interactive digital multimedia installation made with state of the art photographic and visualization technologies. Visitors to this work are able to make an exceptional journey of discovery to Ahhichatragarh’s magnificent architectural spaces and the artistic decorations found throughout the Fort and Palace complex.

Eye of Nagaur

Each of the locations in The Eye of Nagaur is augmented with traditional royal musical compositions, specifically recorded to accompany each panoramic location. In these compositions the listener will hear the instruments of sitar, jaltarang, sarangi, kakamaicha, pakhawaz, tabla, santoor and sarod evoking courtly life, ritual and religious activity, the hydraulic influences and the waterways that were central to Nagaur Fort.

The Eye of Nagaur is an indelible record of this period in the history of revitalization of Ahhichatragarh Fort. It is a permanent on-site installation available for all visitors to the site.

You can discover much more about the project and view the interactive panoramas in VRMag’s article by Sarah Kenderdine here.

Scott Haefner’s zero emission Kite VR Photography

May 15, 2008

Scott Haefner is a well renown KAPer, hence taking images from kites, be they still or panoramic. As always – and as usual – I fell in love for a specific one, which depicts Slains castle, which is considered as being the castle that had inspired Bram Stoker’s figure of Dracula, but his portfolio is impressive and ever growing.


Scott has been fascinated by capturing the world through the lens of a camera since he was a child and his passion is visible either within any shot or within the list of awards received for his contributions to the advancement in the field of Kite Aerial Panographies. In this issue of Vrmag he kindly shares a bunch of KAPed images taken all around the world. Scott was recently granted access to the top section of the Berkeley Campanile, to shoot aerials which will be used in the Law school’s brochure for prospective students.

You can read about Scott’s Aerial VR activity and experience some of his best panoramas in VRMag’s article here.

Train panoramas from all over the World

May 15, 2008

Enjoy a free rider’s journey around the world, sitting in the coaches of hundreds of trains.

Willy in the Amtrak

Willy Kaemena‘s life is a similitude of a train journey. All along his career as engineer for a large German company, he stopped by several countries – from Austria to Argentina, from Brazil to Iran, from the Dominican Republic to Pakistan, passing by Vietnam, Syria, Philippines, Malaysia, Spain and Portugal – to manage the projects he was responsible for. There, he lived and worked, before…leaving station and heading for a new destination and a new construction site.

Now on retirement, Willy has had two great addictions during his life, which have become a leitmotif: one is photography and the other…can you guess? Yes, if your answer was trains, you were right…

The VRMag article with many panoramas and insights on the various trains can be found here.

Will Pearson’s Transfiguration of the commonplace

May 14, 2008

Within every panoramic image shot by Will Pearson, there is a common line which accompanies the gaze, transforming the image into something lively, which can be felt on the skin. Looking at his panoramic images I was more than drawn into them, as if I could even imagine the weather conditions, the temperature, the ray of sun on my back and – specially – the mood in which they were shot.

Will at Zabriskie Point

No wonder than, that Will has been invited to the Shanghai Arts Festival 2008, in order to exhibit his panoramic art. Within this issue we showcase you some of his most impressive works, which will be able to grasp your eyes and even play with your emotions.

Will Pearson is Guest Artist in Issue 30 of VRMAG, you can read his interview and enjoy his outstanding panoramas here.