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Honda F1 exploded in 3200 individual parts

May 30, 2008

Ever wondered what the inside of a Formula One car looks like? The Dutch artist and car obsessive Paul Veroude did. So he dismantled one. Then British photographer David Spencer came along and shot a fullscreen panorama of it, below.

The Honda Racing F1 car is made up of 3,200 individual parts. Housed in a large glass room and spread over an area approximately four times the footprint of the car when whole, the deconstructed car was viewable to only a handful of people at a time and allowed race fans to get closer than ever before to the engineering secrets behind the state-of-the-art technology.

Veroude’s magical exhibit was the result of painstaking effort and an incredible attention to detail. In his ‘exploded technical diagram’ come to life, each of the 3200 components of the Formula 1 car is painstakingly taken apart and then suspended from wires, right down to the smallest screw.

In VRMag’s article you can see the incredible panorama and learn more about the artists.


December 5, 2007

Text: Michelle Bienias
Photo: Yuval Levy

Levy describes the pano: “North is Haifa bay with Israel’s most busy seaport, currently closed because of the rockets assault by Hezbollah. On the right the Bahai Shrine is visible. … Down at the port the big long grey building is a grain chamber. Further west on the horizon is a big white building, Rambam hospital, with state of the art facilities to treat explosion traumas. On the mountain, further west, is the neighbourhood of Stella Maris, famous with tourists for its Carmelite monastery and breathtaking view. A rocket exploded there recently.”

Please click here to view the full VRMAG article PEACEFUL SCENES OF HAIFA AND THE NORTHERN ISRAELI COAST with interactive panoramas.


December 5, 2007

Text: Michelle Bienias
Photo: Uri Cogan

Petra, popularized by the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, was lost for seven centuries to modern Western civilization, its existence a guarded secret known only to the local Bedouins until 1812, when John Lewis Burckhardt tricked his Bedouin guides into leading him there. The young Swiss convert to Islam heard locals speaking of a “lost city” and disguised himself as a pilgrim seeking to make a sacrifice at the tomb of Aaron. The ruse worked and he ‘discovered’ Petra.

Please click here to view the full VRMAG article ENTRANCE TO THE SIQ AT PETRA, JORDAN with interactive panoramas.


December 5, 2007

Text: Michelle Bienias
Photo: Mickael Therer

When photographer Mickael Therer, on assignment with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF – Doctors Without Borders), dropped in for an unexpected visit, the orphans welcomed him with a song.

Please click here to view the full VRMAG article AIDS ORPHANS IN MOZAMBIQUE with interactive panoramas.


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