Join us at, It’s fun! ;-)

I’m terribly late (apologies) with the new Issue 32 of VRMag, mainly due to 2 reasons: I had a child (most time-consuming hobby I ever had) and was busy setting up a new site for the VR community and beyond. VRMag 32 is in the works …
but meanwhile … I would like to invite you to take a few minutes to checkout:

Those familiar with will immediately be at ease and understand that it’s a Digg site for the VR community,
for everybody else let me say that it’s a place where you can post stories with a thumbnail (if u wish) and a link to a panorama or a VR projects, that you particularly like or find interesting, be it your creation or from somebody else.

All the stories are published in the “upcoming” section of the site.
The community of Panodigg users will then vote and discuss them, and when a certain number of votes is achieved the stories are promoted to the front page in a very democratic way.
Finally a VR community site where no editor is in control but only the site users.
It is also a social site since you can create your complete profile, become friend with other users, private message with them, as well as tell friends about your stories (posts) and a lot more …

A few important things:

-Panodigg is not hosting panoramas
-We removed the nofollow tag so that each story title(link) becomes a good referrer for google
-RSS feeds are available for upcoming, published, and each category, you can even track a specific users posts if u wish.

Special thanks to the early users during the initial test/debugging phase.

what are you waiting for ? You’re just one click away from Your Daily Dose of fresh panoramas:
Have fun ! 😉

All the best

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