Tahiti & French Polynesia

The Polynesian islands were inhabited since AD 300 (let’s say it straight: somebody understood the meaning of the word “location”) and did not share a common story until they fell under French Protectorate in 1889. What is sure, is that they were visited by several explorers such as Ferdinand Magellan, Jacob Roggeveen, Samuel Wallis, Louis Antoine de Bougainville and James Cook, who fell all in love for the places.

34 years old, living in Tahiti (lucky you, Greg!), Gregory Panayotou wants everybody green with envy, when watching where he lives since 2005. Seriously, after two endless months of rains (with a Summer that began something as five days ago), you should have seen my face, while opening the panoramic images hosted in his blog, direct2brain.net.

Beautiful panoramas and more infos about Tahiti & French Polynesia and Gregory can be found in VRMag’s article.


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One Response to “Tahiti & French Polynesia”

  1. McJanus Says:

    Waow! Lucky him! Panorama-ing heaven ; )

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