US Presidential Elections: view Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton in VR panoramas

Home Arena. Lander University, Greenwood. Sen. Barack Obama speaks to the crowd on the theme “Fired up, ready to go”, a phrase coined by Greenwood city councilwoman Edith Childs; raising approval by far.
Crowds where Sen. Obama appeared were enthusiastic. This is the first panorama I shot from within the buffer at a campaign appearance.


Clinton delivered her speeches in rallies which are, in contrast with the boisterous ones held by Obama, usually delivered to a packed house. The senator from NY, former first lady, held rallies at the Younts Conference center, two days before the Democratic primary, to display her program and to answer questions from the audience.


Rarely has been a campaign as full of surprises as the one that’s taking place in the US lately…Once upon a time there was a candidate, whose nomination seemed to be written into the stars, with the consequence that not only the Democratic party, but even the US would have chosen Hillary as president. It doesn’t seem so true now: with a giant’s leap forward of 20%, Barack Obama seems to have his says on the issue too. Meanwhile, the fight within the democratic party for the endorsement of the candidate, has morphed into a circus, with astonishing events on a (almost) day to day basis. That said, we have our surprises for our readers too…

Read in VRMag’s article about Gary O’Brien shooting panoramas of presidential candidates and view interactive panoramas of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


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