Hawaii’s highest Sea Cliffs in the world and father Demien

The national historical park of Kalaupapa – which can only be visited by mule – preserves a leper colony, which was constituted back in 1866 and used until 1969 to isolate people suffering from the Hansen’s disease. Even though today the sicks aren’t forcibly relocated there, some still live in the place, where Father Damien established in 1866, in order to help them. If the disease attracted worldwide attention, it’s thanks to this charismatic and compassionate caregiver, who transformed a place to die in a place where hope could still burn in the hearts of the people.

Kalawao lookout

Yes, the island is definitely inspiring, inviting and friendly; rich of unforgettable beaches and smiling people, who will be able to make you feel at home.
And, as they say: Aloha kākou.
In VRMag’s article you can view many panoramas and discover more about father Demien and the highest sea cliffs in the world.


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