Yosemite Extreme Pano Project by xRez

Just got very interesting info about an upcoming project from Eric:

“Just a heads up about a crazy project we are soon to do. We at xRez are
prepping to do a major shoot of Yosemite valley, using 15 Gigapans, 3
Rodeons, 2 PixOrbs, and a custom Microsoft rig all shooting gigapixel images
simultaneously, ultimately rendering out of a 3d app containing all 20
gigapixel panos mapped to a 1M DEM w/ a virtual slit-scan camera. Gerard
Maynard, Joergen Geerds, and many other great pano photographers are joining
in to make what could become a record-setting image.”

You can view the project here.
Eric Hanson, xRez Studio


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One Response to “Yosemite Extreme Pano Project by xRez”

  1. Joe Poulton Says:

    The Yosemite Extreme Pano Project was a wonderful success. I personally have a few images up on my site: http://www.poultonimaging.com from the time in the Valley. I can’t wait to see the final image of all our work in Yosemite!!



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