The Eye of Nagaur, a pioneering interactive digital multimedia installation

The Eye of Nagaur is a pioneering interactive digital multimedia installation made with state of the art photographic and visualization technologies. Visitors to this work are able to make an exceptional journey of discovery to Ahhichatragarh’s magnificent architectural spaces and the artistic decorations found throughout the Fort and Palace complex.

Eye of Nagaur

Each of the locations in The Eye of Nagaur is augmented with traditional royal musical compositions, specifically recorded to accompany each panoramic location. In these compositions the listener will hear the instruments of sitar, jaltarang, sarangi, kakamaicha, pakhawaz, tabla, santoor and sarod evoking courtly life, ritual and religious activity, the hydraulic influences and the waterways that were central to Nagaur Fort.

The Eye of Nagaur is an indelible record of this period in the history of revitalization of Ahhichatragarh Fort. It is a permanent on-site installation available for all visitors to the site.

You can discover much more about the project and view the interactive panoramas in VRMag’s article by Sarah Kenderdine here.


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