Tabb Firchau’s aerial VR Photography by RC Helicopter

360° images from R/C helicopters are Tabb Firchau’s expertise, who kindly shares his thoughts about this challenging task.

Lake Tahoe

Amelia Earhart once stated: “You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky”. Tabb Firchau, who has grown up with a Pilot dad, understood Amelia’s sentence really early in his life and made a philosophy, a lifestyle and a commerce out of it. The Earth from the sky, with its beauties, its symmetries, its otherwise hidden treasures, its poeticism is the common tread within Tabb’s works, which could see the light thanks to another factor: Tabb’s easiness to experiment, tinker and dare. Requested all around the world for virtual aerial tour, the photographer has either an ever expanding portfolio of 360° images taken onair and an always busy mind, which gives him new ideas and new projects to present to his customers.
Just remember: Keep the blue side up.

The VRMag article with many making of images and panoramas can be found here.


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