We are in the middle of the IPY,The International Polar Year, which is a large scientific programme focused on the Arctic and the Antarctic from March 2007 to March 2009. IPY occurs amidst abundant evidence of changes in snow and ice, including reductions in extent and mass of glaciers and ice sheets, reductions in area, timing, and duration of snow cover, and reductions in extent and thickness of sea ice. The observations and modeling of IPY will document and quantify the extent, rate and impact of snow and ice changes and their integrated impact on global sea level.

So I thought that it would be nice that VRMAG pays a homage to this joint effort through the panoramas and words of a group of very different and special man creating outstanding panoramas related to the theme ice. You will be standing on glacier summits, get inside them, meet ice bears, experience northern lights and much more.

Jordi Clariana, takes you on 2 weeks photographic expedition to the Svalbard Island; a tourist if seen from Witek Katzskin’s perspective, since he lives and works at the Horsund polish Polar station located on the island; Dr Matt Nolan studying the impacts of climate change on the arctic landscape; Rodion Galanev travelling to Karelia, called the region of thousands lakes, created by the melting of the glaciers which covered the region during ice age; Werner Weber, capturing the St Moritz White Turf Horse race, Jean-Pierre Lavoie, Quebec City, shooting the Red Bull Crashed Ice skating competition; Keiji Yokotani, taking you to the Shikotsu Ice festival in Japan; Yvan Van Hoorickx invites you to the indoor Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges; Tabb Firchau, shooting from a RC helicopter partially frozen Green Lake in Seattle Washington… as well as links to a series of previously published ice related articles.

Since we believe Love is the most important thing on this planet, we’ll take you to Paris where you have very special new ways to say “I love you” to your dearest; to Berlin at Lifeball, celebrating universal love to raise funds to fight aids; to Mali, to see the efforts of Médecins Sans Frontières fighting malaria; to Molokai, Hawaii, to meet father Damien a charismatic and compassionate caregiver.

For our “inside” series this time you will be able to enter a dishwasher, a sports shoe, a halloween pumpkin, as well as enter a Avro vulcan cockpit, a Nascar race truck, get into Ratatuilles Kitchen, and finally view the inside of a fridge with a very special model, the vegetarian turtle “Iso”.

In addition we’ll take you the Highland games in Scotland, explore the palaces of european monarchy, visit Turkey’s fastest growing panorama resource, take a day trip to Dubai, see Lauren dancing, visit Carhenge, explore wooden churches in Poland, and join Ignacio hanging at 230 meters from the ground.

And yes, also VRMAG’s team has it’s weaknesses, so we’ll get into politics showing you panoramas of Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Ron Paul, as well as some topless girls on a beach in Brasil.

Our guest artist for this issue is Henry Stuart who shares the secrets of his success; Greg Downing describes how he created 270 gigapixel images in 3 1/2 months and shows a series of breathtaking gigapixel images, our columnist Pat St Clair reviews the HDR software Hydra, while Jook Leung announces his new workshop in Maine.

Get to know better Denis Chumakov, the creator of Flash Panorama Player, Alexandre Jenny, co-creator of Autopano Pro. Michael Thoby talks about Enfuse for night photography while Jeffrey informs about the 2008 Panotools meeting in Prague he’s organizing.

Marco Trezzini



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One Response to “VRMAG ISSUE 29 IS ONLINE”

  1. Akila Ninomiya@QTVR Diary Says:

    Congratulation! & Wonderful QTVRs!
    especially, aurora QTVR & time laps movie is so beautiful.
    I wanna contribute by my column on next issue.

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