The Wrinkle in Time was a series of panography events organized by Robert Abbett (rabbett). They were a landmark in the history of VR, the first world-wide collaborative web effort featuring panoramas. View it here

At the tenth anniversary of the original Wrinkle in Time – December 21st, 1997 – the WWP Team would like to honor the memory of those events, and once more enjoy the spirit of a simultaneous shoot, by sponsoring a special event: The Wrinkle Tribute.
That first Wrinkle was put together in just a few days. It was almost coincidence that it happened on the Winter Solstice. Subsequent Wrinkles, and the World Wide Panorama, also followed the solar calendar, with events each solstice and equinox (plus special Wrinkles for the Millennium New Years).
The original Wrinkle was strictly simultaneous, we all had to be in the process of shooting at the magic moment of 9 am Hawaii Standard Time (rabbett’s home location). This was fine for most of the US, but after dark in Europe and a real hardship in some other time zones. So we are going to be more lenient in our definition, and extend the window of time to include the twelve hours before and after the 2007 solstice (0708 UT), from 1808 UT, 21 December 2007 to 1808 UT, 22 December 2007.

Click here to explore the Wrinkle in Time 10th anniversary Tribute


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