WORLD WIDE PANORAMA: Let the Wrinkle Begin!

In just a few minutes the 24-hour shooting window for the Wrinkle
Tribute will begin. Please join me in this world wide simultaneous VR

You may choose any subject you would like, as long as shooting is
done during the 12 hours before and after the actual Solstice. Look
up your location here to see what that is in local time:
Start time
End time

Note the time that you were shooting, we will need that to
authenticate you as part of the official Wrinkle event. All the other
rules are the same as for regular WWP events.
the rules:

In the next week, stitch and finish your panorama. Make two sizes of
QTVR movie, standard and fullscreen, within the limits we have set.
file sizes:

Go to the Prep Server and either log in (if you are an existing WWP
participant) or ask for an account (or ask to be reminded of your

Then join the event, fill in the form to create your page, and upload
your two panoramas.
The prep server is at:
uploading and editing:

Deadline for completing your Wrinkle Tribute entry will be December 28.

Happy Wrinkling!

The WWP Team:
Don Bain
Landis Bennett
Markus Altendorff
Thomas Rauscher


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