Text: Boštjan Burger
Photo: Boštjan Burger

Climate changes and talking about the present dramatic and the unusual weather behavior are “in” and popular debate, but only 8.000 – 10.000 years ago the climate changes were much more dramatic.

Huge glaciers were covering Northern and the Central Europe, Alps were under the ice. The landscape has changed dramatically. Nowadays glaciers are only a pale picture of the past. Only a decade ago Slovenia had three small glaciers in the Alps (which were only modest miniatures of the huge Ice Age glaciers): Triglavski ledenik, Ledenik pod Skuto and Ledenik pod Prisankom. Today there are only gravel and moraines which indicates that there were glaciers.

Thousand kilometers southern in the Southern Balkan, glaciers of the Dinaric Mountains most probably disappeared in the time period of the end of the last Ice Age. Exceedingly interesting area was Orjen massif, which is situated on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina, precisely Republika Srbska and Montenegro above the Bay of Kotor.

Please click here to view the full VRMAG article SEEKING THE TRACES OF GLACIERS ON ORJEN MASSIF with interactive panoramas.


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