You’re just a click away from VRMAG’s relaunch issue 28:
the most complete ever published with 45 articles, 11 contributing writers and panoramas from 29 contributing photographers.

In addition to the simplified and interactive panorama navigation we added a panoramic leaflet, as a new navigation method to access to the articles. VRMAG also has a new blog and a Yahoo group.

VRMAG issue 28

Relax, unwind and immerse yourself in a yourney of discovery through places, events and people around the world. In this issue we will take you to: the closed and radioactive zone of Chernobyl, Wired NextFest in Los Angeles, Cuba’s capital city La Habana, Red square in Moscow, the Palaces where European Royalties lives, New York’s Tribute in light, the island of Aphrodite Cyprus, Valentino’s exhibit at Ara Pacis museum in Rome, the Mayan ruins Chinkultic and Tenam Puente in Mexico, Vienna, Copenhagen Opera House, Seattle, RedBull AirRace Abu Dhabi ….

The article Advanced panoramic stitching – is a reasoned approach which might quell the “Stitcher Wars” currently raging. Pat St. Clair’s writes about his experimentations during 100+ hours with PTGui Pro 7.2 and Stitcher 5.6.1 Unlimited, using three lensing options and a new rig. In his findings, Pat tries to bring focus, common sense and clarity to a complex topic.

We’ll let you experience the panorama from a sleeping pill bottle, watch the interior of a Coca Cola’s one, transport you into a washing machine and feel like…your sock. You will even transform into a fish and be intrigued by a guy ironing underwater; you will enter the head of Hermann’s sculpture, have a chat with Jonathan Livingston, experience a bubble party, feel the thrill of extreme canyoning …

For VRMAG showing panoramas of the physical world is not enough. For that reason we’ll take you to Second Life, in order to visit Anshe Chung’s Picture Gallery Dresden; to DanCoyote’s Full Immersion Hyperformalism; behind the scenes of the creation of next generation screenshots for the gaming industry; and even to a visit to “Wellenkreis” an art installation of an endless sine curve in real space…


This issue’s guest artist is Patrick Cheatham.

This year google sponsored the development of panorama making software.Yuval Levi interviews the administrator of the Hugin/Panotools participation to Google’s Summer of Code, Leslie Hawthorn, Program Manager – Open Source at Google; Pablo d’Angelo, Lead Engineer for hugin; and Ken Turkowski, VR scientist.

If Markus Krueger, on the other hand, shows you how he managed to built a spherical cube in the real world”, by entering the head of Hermann, Carel Struycken, tells to the readers, about how he became a panographer, and about his most interesting VR projects; while Matthias Taugwalder, takes you to the Swiss Alps, and later on to Lucerne Panotools meeting. The 2007 IVRPA Conference in Berkeley is covered by videos and reports, while Aldo Hoeben shares his Kite panorama experience at Sziget 2007. Fourchambers studios unveils the next generation’s educative tools and…

much, much more awaits you, just a click away…
VRMAG issue 28


yours sincerely

marco trezzini


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